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In our fast-paced and high-tech culture,Tango provides a retreat for anyone in search of deeper connection, regardless of age, walk of life or language spoken ”

Welcome to Tangolab!

Welcome to TangoLab! We are Argentine tango teachers and dancers located in Ann Arbor, Michigan who are deeply in love with this beautiful and most fascinating social dance and are excited to share our love and knowledge with you.

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Here is what students say about our classes. See more reviews here.

Zixi L.
Zixi L.
Yelena and Edmond’s class is inspiring for all levels. They can break down one simple movement into very small components and explain in detail. Their class really help me rethink what does tango mean and encourage me to explore further. And they pay attention to each individual student, which allows me to learn fast! I love their passion in teaching and fostering the local tango community.
Sasha K
Sasha K
TangoLab, the name describes exactly what it does!

You will find yourself in the unique environment, perfect for growing into a confident Social Tango Dancer. Yelena and Edmond are very good teachers who really pay attention to you individually and make sure you benefit from each class.

Classes are fun, well structured, documented and based on more than 15 + years of tango teaching experience. TangoLab system works like a pyramid, learning is built wide and tall, great foundation is the key. Each base and next knowledge stones are well polished before placed.

Don’t be afraid to join, you will see the reward as you attend.

Thank you Yelena Sinelnikova and Edmond Bardhi for your hard work!

Sam G
Sam G
Tangolab classes are awesome. I’ve learned so much much from Yelena and Edmond!

Their passion for tango is contagious and their teaching style makes the dance very accessible for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Partner?

No partner necessary! We ask students to rotate partners during the class. If you want to take a class with a partner and prefer to stay with each other, just let us know at the beginning of the class.

What Kind of Shoes Do I Wear?

You don’t need special shoes to START taking Tango classes – any shoes with a smooth sole (leather or suede preferably) that allow you to slide or pivot will work. Avoid backless shoes and soles that grip the floor. Make sure to bring the pair with you to change before the class to keep the dance floor clean. 

There are shoes that are designed specifically for Argentine Tango but they are expensive and we recommend you wait until you know if Tango is your cup of tea before you invest in them. But as they say, good shoes take you to good places.

What Kind of Clothing Do I Wear?

Wear anything that is comfortable for you. Make sure it doesn’t restrict your movements.

There is a Tango Fashion (not a must have) in clothing, especially for women, but as with shoes we recommend taking your time to figure out whether you need it or even want it. It is important to honor who we are and what we value.

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Write to us with any questions you may have!